Hey there! My name is Ty Newcomb, but some of you may know me as @eye.of.ty. I'm a 27-year-old professional photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado, but available for hire anywhere in the world. Emboldened by over 10 years of photography experience, a college degree and an innate love for creating - I work to tell stories in a variety of unique and memorable visual mediums fit for the modern age of digital media and marketing.

I currently specialize in high-quality travel, lifestyle and aerial photography, cinemagraphs, and short-form video. Additionally, I provide social media marketing and influencer work with a growing online audience of almost 200,000 people from all corners of the planet to help brands reach a wide demographic and inclusive audience in an organic and non-intrusive way.

I would love if you'd follow along my travels (@eye.of.ty) and even more excited if you have an idea for a partnership or collaboration that we can work on together!

A few of the brands I’ve worked with: