Hey there! My name is Ty Newcomb, but some of you may know me as @eye.of.ty. I'm a 27-year-old professional photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado, but available for hire anywhere in the world. Emboldened by over 10 years of photography experience, a college degree, and a love for creating, I work with some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world creating unique imagery and video from stunning locations around the globe. Currently, I am working with brands of all sizes, tourism boards, and NGO’s to help tell their story in unique and appealing ways on various mediums fit for the modern age of social media.

I specialize in high-quality travel, lifestyle and aerial photography, cinemagraphs, and video used in promotional and advertising mediums. - Additionally, I provide social media marketing and influencer work with a growing online audience of nearly 150,000 people from around the planet to help brands and their products reach a wider demographic in a non-intrusive way through visually stunning content.

I would love if you'd follow along my Instagram (@eye.of.ty) and even more excited if you have an idea for a partnership or collaboration together that we can work on!

Licensing/Prints available for most photos upon request besides any brand related work.

A few of the brands I’ve already worked with..